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Your First Steps into the International Career Arena

Countries all around have joined in the inevitable process of globalization. People are learning foreign languages, working abroad, and cooperating with people from other countries to reach a common goal. As a college student, where do you stand in this process?

According to the Career Resource Center’s Sr. Asst. Director for Career Development Gregg Henderschiedt, there is no escaping globalization. He said that even for people who want to work locally, it never harms to understand the global situation.

“Even if a student has no interest in working abroad, he or she must be aware that we are dependent on other places,” he said. “The more you understand things globally, the more marketable you are everywhere.”

For those students, however, who are interested in starting an international career, Henderschiedt said there are several things they can do to get their foot in the door:

A.     If you have had no international experience:

a.     Join an international club, such as the Hispanic Student Association, the French Club or The Navigators International Program

b.     Study a foreign language

c.     Do a minor in area studies such as Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, etc.

d.     Become a conversation partner

e.     Study abroad

These activities, among a few others, show an effort that you are trying to be globally competent, and this will reflect positively when you are filling out internship or volunteering applications.

B.     If you have had international experience, but are trying to transition into an international career:

a.     Also study abroad: It is a controlled, non-threatening environment, but it is challenging at the same time.

b.     Keep in mind that international experience builds up:

                                               i.     It is a process of learning patience and flexibility

                                             ii.     Learn that when working abroad, you don’t always have to be in control

                                            iii.     Learn that there are other ways of being

Overall, Henderschiedt strongly recommends considering joining the international –career world.

“Having international humility teaches you a huge dose of humility,” he said. “But in a good way.”

If you are interested in volunteering, teaching or interning abroad, come to the Career Resource Center’s brand new Global Career Series. The three-event series will teach you how to jumpstart r international career, it will teach you the necessary skills to work internationally, and it will make you aware of the different opportunities to work abroad.

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