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How to Land a Job: As Told by Students

You probably received plenty of advice on how to land a job from your parents, aunts, uncles, or other professionally seasoned family members or older connections. However, have you ever listened to any advice from your own peers?

Lead Career Ambassador Matt Kiep has worked at the Career Resource Center for almost his entire college career. As a second-semester freshman, he applied for a Career Ambassador position, received an interview, and got the job.

According to Kiep, the best thing one can do when searching for a job is to start early.

“Many people wait until their last semester to come in to get career advising or get their resumes critiqued,” Kiep said. “It’s never too early to build your resume. Even when you’re a freshman, you can still use your high school stuff.”

He also recommends getting involved. He said that even though most employers will not hire freshmen, it is still good for freshmen to visit a Career Showcase or information sessions. In Kiep’s case, he did both and connected with an employer who still sends him different job openings.

“The same recruiters usually come every year, so if someone comes in and networks as a freshman, the recruiters will recognize the student,” Kiep said. “The goal should be to build a relationship.”

Also, Drey Andrus, Video Production Intern at the CRC, said she has landed jobs in the past because of her sense of humor, enthusiasm, and because she always asks questions. However, she landed her internship at the CRC in what she called, an “interesting” way.

She came in to the CRC for general career advising, and mentioned that she was interested in video production. The adviser Andrus talked to said that the CRC was looking for a video production intern, and that’s how she landed the interview.

“The CRC works!” Andrus said. “If you are looking for a job, go to the CRC. I can’t stress that enough. I am walking proof that it works.”

Top Advice from Kiep and Andrus:

1)      Be open to employers

2)      Relax – According to Kiep, interviews are just conversations with other individuals.

3)      Start the job search process early

4)      Ask many [smart] questions during interviews – Andrus said that asking many questions is a plus. However, irrelevant questions can work against you, so one has to think about the proper types of questions.

5)      Visit the CRC.  Walk ins are welcome, or go to Gator CareerLink, via the CRC website,,  to schedule an appointment.

Written by: Ana Perez